What can a Mime Teach us about Software Scalability?

mimeLike a mime that goes to the trusty trapped in an invisible box skit, the feeling like the walls are closing in on you is common especially for many users of server based commercial and home-grown software systems.  The key to avoiding your business from being trapped in a software’s confined area is scalability.  Wikipedia defines scalability as the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth.[1] For example, it can refer to the capability of a system to increase its total output under an increased load when resources are added.  The fact is that your venue will likely change over the next few months.  You will add new inventory or resources to your facility.   The catering manager will add a dish to your menu guide or you will acquire more audio visual equipment.  Change is going to occur so having a system that can easily adapt will ensure you can efficiently manage this growth.  Without a system that can scale you will quickly find that your venue may start to feel the pressure of creating work-arounds that could impact the integrity of your data.  The most important thing to ask when looking at software is will this system be able to  accommodate my growing business.  Don’t become the mime that gets trapped in an invisible box and free your business from the constraints of a software system that will not keep up with your evolving operational needs.

5 Reasons Why SAAS is Ideal for Busy Conference Professionals

In this day and age where your operational budget continues to shrink, but demand to deliver the highest level of customer service continues to grow many conference professionals are looking for ways to do their job better and reduce costs.  SAAS or software as a service has become a great option since it provides a lot of benefits other server based software cannot.  Here are a few reasons you should consider switching to a cloud based tool at your venue:

1.The cost to implement a SAAS solution is low because the company accepts the burden of keeping the software up and running so you can focus on other priorities.  Plus, your IT wizards will thank you since this set up requires very little if any support from in-house resources.

2.The days of week long training and implementations are over.  Most SAAS include a rapid deployment strategy to get the system working as quickly as possible.  The faster you can start using a system the sooner you can start seeing results and an ROI.

3.Access to your information from anywhere means you can put out more fires making even Smokey the Bear jealous of your skills.  Mobile devices makes a cloud based tool the best option for the worker that is on the go 24/7.

  1. The agile platform for SAAS means your entire team has the latest version of the software allowing you to take advantage of new features immediately.
  2. No long term commitments mean you have control over your financial future and can more accurately manage your expenses.  You will find many cloud based systems provide a variety of pricing options to accommodate your needs.