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Event Guru Software is event management and event venue software designed for the small to medium size conference and event venue. Our event venue planning software is different for several reasons. We will never try to be everything to everyone…but we will always strive to be everything to the venue that can’t afford pricey, cumbersome software that requires staff just to manage it.

Manage Your Venue’s Conference and Event Logistics

Learn the details about our software that help you to manage your venue’s conference and event logistics. Our GURUS designed our event management software to be simple, affordable, and comprehensive. We are always looking for ways to help you effectively manage your venue’s conference and event logistics. Our features are perfect for the small to medium size venue and conference. Contemplate and relax.


Enjoy our clear scheduling interface for front-end and back-end users that incorporates multiple departments and requirements for events.  

Our event management and registration software solutions are scalable for your business or organization. As new event space options become available or existing spaces need reconfiguring, you are able to easily make adjustments.

Customized room layout diagrams can be created within our system so that you have consistency and accurate depictions of the spaces available. Room diagrams can be changed to adjust for occupancy and layout needs.

Our integrated workflow allows you to bring together all of the event's logistics needs into one dashboard.  Within our platform, multiple departments or locations can see events planned and know the requirements for hospitality, catering or other services.

We are always available to help you, but our ultimate goal is for you and your team to be confident and comfortable enough to utilize our event management solutions on a day-to-day basis.  

You won't need to pay a developer or us to make changes in the interface, you will have the power to make updates on your own.


Colleges & Universities

Event management within Colleges and Universities presents a complex set of needs that need a centralized solution. For events on a college campus, often registration, room bookings, Catering and lodging operations are involved. Both Event Guru and Event Registration Software provide a strong solution that centralizes the communication and data for colleges and university conference services departments.

One of the key benefits of using our two software solutions together is the ability to share data with your teams and give planners the power to create their own event registration tools.  Used separate, both solutions offer a way for campuses to have a better managed event experience for attendees.

Non Profits & Organizations

Non profit organizations that manage multiple events throughout the year need the power of flexibility and scalability to make their events incredible each year.  Our event registration platform gives non profits the power they need to keep event attendees and donors happy each year.

If you manage a space as a non profit organization, you will enjoy our event management software with the ability for planners to book rooms or event spaces easily.

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Conferences & Expos

Conference centers and expo halls require an event booking and management system that brings together all facets of event planning into one place.  Operations, catering, sales teams, and logistics managers need one place to understand what their required jobs are timing looks like.

Our clients use our platform to present planners with an easy way to book space in your venue and scope out the needed options for their event.   We have cross-over data that will catch issues in the planning process so that planners see any conflicts with room bookings and timing.


How We Make Your Event Successful Proof Is In The Data


Texas Tech University Solves Event Bookings

Problem: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center needed a solution to automate inquiries as well as sharing the event schedule to their Academic Event Center with the entire campus; A building with over 5,000 square feet and designed to host meetings, receptions, and other educational seminars.

Since adding Event Guru Software, the Academic Event Center has seen bookings increase and received high marks for making this process seamless and convenient for the on campus community. Other departments on the campus are planning on using this same scheduling method developed by Event Guru Software due its successful roll out.


Simple. Easy To Use. Powerful.

"This system is easy to use, visually appealing and specifically tailored for events."

Bryce Looney, Director of Presidential Events & Services at TTUHSC

"On the simplest level, it is amazing to have one place we go to for pretty much everything we do, and the potential to incorporate even more areas of operations.”

Rachel Navarro, Former Hospitality Assistant at Columbia Bible College

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