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Software Features

Learn the details about our software that help you to manage your venue’s conference and event logistics. Contemplate and relax.


Event Guru Software is designed for the small to medium size conference and event venue. We will never try to be everything to everyone…but we will always strive to be everything to the venue that can’t afford pricey, cumbersome software that requires staff just to manage it. We’ve made our software to be SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and COMPREHENSIVE. Let’s explore.


Event Guru Software is designed by people who have walked your pathway. There’s no complexity, no need for an annual users conference or two week training. In fact, it’s actually easier than learning your ABC’s. Each screen is intuitive. The fields are user-friendly and information can be easily duplicated to save you time. Best of all, there is no software installation on your venue’s main servers. Event Guru Software is a web-based product designed with responsive technology, allowing you to use it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Feeling a sense of peace?


When we set out to create Event Guru Software, we were well-aware that many products exist in the marketplace. We were also aware that the existing product price-points are out of reach for many small and medium size conference and event venues. Awareness is good and it helped us to develop something just for you. Our fee model allows for ongoing monthly or annual payments, making the investment much more manageable on your budget. The bottom line…we won’t break your bank. In fact, you’ll save so much money you can build a hot yoga hut…or not.


Now comes the time to totally fill your senses. Event Guru Software provides you with soup to nuts logistics management. To be specific, we help you with:
- Proposals
- Contracts
- Building an Event and Planner Database
- Meeting and Event Facility Reservations
- Meeting and Event Room Set-Up Configurations (yep, it’s in there…no more add on programs)
- Catering Details and BEO’s
- Dining Hall Meal Reservations
- Housing Inventory Management
- Individual Housing Reservations
- Group Housing Reservations
- Real-time Check-in and Check-out for Housekeeping
- Invoicing
- And more!

Just because we’re AFFORDABLE doesn’t mean we’re light on functionality. Schedule a demo with one of our GURUS today to experience how Event Guru Software can help you elevate your conference and event logistics.


Event Guru is AFFORDABLE. Whether you are a small retreat center, a campus conference and event venue, a special event venue, boutique hotel, day meeting venue or any other venue that wants a strong CRM without breaking the bank, we’ve got a solution for you.

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About Us

Event Guru Software is a collaborative effort of four minds that came together to create a solution for those unable to afford big investment software packages. We come from a variety of backgrounds including conference and meeting management, software technology, meeting and event planning, data analysis, and financial management.

Our team established 4Gurus, LLC to begin our dream and today, we have launched a new software that we hope revolutionizes the way YOU manage your meeting and event logistics. It isn’t easy. We’ve done what you do and it takes tons of time and effort. We hope that our software takes some of the burden off of you.

Chuck Salem, Guru

Chuck’s the Guru behind the idea for this software. Chuck has worked directly in conference and event management, and has many years experience as President of Unique Venues. Chuck knows and understands this business like the back of his hand (maybe better!). He brings this expertise to the table, making certain our customers find Event Guru Software to be your go to resource for managing event logistics at your venue. Chuck is located in our Fairfax VA (metro DC) office.

Chris DeFrances, Guru

Chris is our meeting planner Guru. As we work to put together this product, Chris's experience in working daily with meeting planners in processing RFP's helps us know, firsthand, what bases to cover. Chris has an entrepreneurial spirit, having been part of other business ventures in the past. She brings administrative, financial and meeting planning knowledge to the team! Chris is located in our Johnstown PA office.

Neal Burghardt, Guru

Neal is a data and reporting Guru. He has extensive experience listening to the needs of clients like you and helping them formulate data solutions. He has a varied educational background, including a Master's in Management Information Systems and was even a Registered Nurse. With his technology experience, Neal helps Event Guru translate your needs into a concise, affordable yet comprehensive event management solution. Neal is located in our Fairfax VA (metro DC) office.

Mark Williams, Guru

Mark is the Sales and Operations Guru. He has worked in the conference and events industry for many years managing and implementing software projects throughout North America. His passion is delivering innovative solutions that will help Event Guru’s customers achieve their goals. Mark’s diverse background in technology and real world conference operations will be a valuable resource for any venue that is ready to elevate their business. He is based out of the Johnstown, PA office.