Change is Scary – We Can Help! What to Know When Choosing an Event Venue Management Software

When considering using an event venue management software, or thinking about changing companies, there is a lot to consider. After all, this is the software that your team will need to be trained on, and it is the software that will be heavily relied on to make sure that events run smoothly. When the software that is being used contains certain components, it can almost act as another member of your team, as it will save you time, as well as the added stress of keeping certain aspects of an event organized (such as budgets, catering, etc). This can allow for your business to grow as you’ll have more time to accept more clients and take on more events.

How to Choose an Event Management Software Solution

When choosing a new company, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you end up with the right one for your event planning business.

  • Make sure you do your research. Come up with a list of items that a software tool must have to satisfy the needs of your company. Begin to look for software companies that can check off these boxes.
  • Make sure to talk to the company about what implementation looks like. How long does the onboarding process take? What types of trainings are required, and can this be done for the entire team? What is the cost? How hands on is the software company after implementation is completed? In other words, how available will this company be to answer questions and help to trouble shoot issues?

Critical Features to Consider for Venue Management Software

There are several items that many companies look for when searching for a new software tool to help manage events. Below is a list, as well as an explanation as to how both event guru software (EGS), as well as registration guru software (RGS) succeed in allowing for these items to be accounted for.

  • Collection of payments – Both EGS and RGS allow for payments to be collected through the software. They can also be connected to whatever payment system is currently being used at the company.
  • Reporting and analytic tools – Both EGS and RGS allow for several different reports to be gathered from just the click of a button. This can include a list of attendees, catering reports, and much more. With the new implementation of the report building tool, customized reports can now be built out to include the information of your liking!
  • Restricting user access – Different members of the team tend to play different roles. Not everyone will necessarily need access to every single part of the event software tool, or the registration software tool. EGS and RGS makes it easy by allowing for user access to vary. Different levels of access gain the ability to different functionality of each tool.
  • Copy an event – Don’t you wish you could just copy all the information from an event so that it can be used for the following year? With EGS and RGS, this is possible. Simply click the “copy” button, and the entirety of an event will be copied, allowing for the ability to change the date, as well as any other information that may have changed from year to year.
  • Don’t know how many events you will have? That’s why choosing a software tool that allows for an unlimited number of events is helpful! You never know what kind of year your business is going to have, so having the ability to host numerous types of events such as in person, hybrid, as well as virtual, along with being able to host as many events as you want without being charged an additional fee is a great tool to have. EGS and RGS allow for this ability.
  • Connect to 25Live! Many universities and companies use 25Live to manage their event spaces. EGS and RGS make it easy by making the connection and allowing for spaces to be accounted for properly in both systems.

What’s the Difference between Registration Software and Event Building Software?

There are also some key differences when it comes to registration and event building software. When it comes to registration software, some important things to look out for include the following:

  • Customizable registration site – Make sure that you have the freedom to upload logos and images as you please. Questionnaires should have the ability to be adjusted and added to from just the click of a button. If your events often include sponsors, it may be important to find out if there is a way to tailor the registration site to include those things. It can also be important to set up different sessions and an agenda. Registration guru software allows for the freedom to do all these things, giving the user the flexibility to cater the registration site to their liking, both visually, as well as internally.
  • Ability to send emails to registrants – Communication is key. Sometimes in events, plans change. Locations and times may change. Other things may come up. It is important to make sure all your registrants are on the same page. RGS allows for an automatic confirmation and thank you email to be sent out to all registrants upon registration, but it also allows for customized emails to be sent out to attendees of your choosing.
  • Ticketing and check ins – it can be hard to keep track of who is already at an event and who has not yet arrived. With ticketing and the ability to scan tickets through an app, RGS makes this easy.

On the other hand, when it comes to event software it is important to make sure that rooms and spaces aren’t double booked, and sessions don’t clash. EGS automates all these details, as it stores the times and information for events and spaces, creates a calendar for you, and makes sure that nothing is ever double booked. It also allows for space capacities to be accounted for!

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best event management software or registration management software for you and your team. Remember to account for what it is your team needs, and make sure to spend some time getting to know who you will be working with during the training and onboarding process. Most importantly, you are going to want a company that will be with you every step of the way, for any questions or issues that may arise. You can find this with event guru software, as well as registration guru software.