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Event Guru Software is event management and event venue software designed for the small to medium size conference and event venue. Our event venue planning software is different for several reasons. We will never try to be everything to everyone…but we will always strive to be everything to the venue that can’t afford pricey, cumbersome software that requires staff just to manage it.


Just because we’re AFFORDABLE doesn’t mean we’re light on functionality.


Fast & Easy to Use

Our cloud-based system means that you and your team have event management tools at your fingertips - always. Quick on-boarding and teachable interfaces means that Event Guru is a long-term solution for managing the lifecycle of events.


When your team needs to add new event spaces, lodging options, catering options, transportation and other logistics, you are able to quickly make those changes in the interface. If you are using multiple platforms and systems to manage events, join our revolution in event management software and see how we save time and money.


We have designed a workflow to help you be more efficient when you need to customize your event management solutions. This means the ability to set up pre-defined rules to prevent overbooking, alerts about catering needs, room diagraming and other details. Work smarter in one central place.

How We Make Your Event Successful Proof Is In The Data


Multiple Department Needs Exceeded By Guru Software at Texas Tech University

Problem: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center needed a solution to automate inquiries as well as sharing the event schedule to their Academic Event Center with the entire campus; A building with over 5,000 square feet and designed to host meetings, receptions, and other educational seminars.

Solution 1:  Event Guru Software delivered an easy to use and branded online form TTUHSC could connect to their existing website providing a seamless and simple tool to capture and manage requests for space made any time day or night by internal departments and student groups.

Solution 2:  Adding Event Guru Software's central calendar, TTUHSC is now able to keep everyone up to date on new events happening at the Academic Event Center and informing customers what spaces are open before submitting a room request.

Solution 3: Event Staff at the Academic Event Center are notified via email when an inquiry gets submitted dramatically improving response times to requests and boost customer satisfaction rates

Since adding Event Guru Software, the Academic Event Center has seen bookings increase and received high marks for making this process seamless and convenient for the on campus community. Other departments on the campus are planning on using this same scheduling method developed by Event Guru Software due its successful roll out.


Campuses & Universities Enjoy Flexibility and Ease of Use

"This system is easy to use, visually appealing and specifically tailored for events."

Bryce Looney, Director of Presidential Events & Services at TTUHSC

"On the simplest level, it is amazing to have one place we go to for pretty much everything we do, and the potential to incorporate even more areas of operations.”

Rachel Navarro, Former Hospitality Assistant at Columbia Bible College

See How Event Guru Software Helps Your Venue

Consolidation Is The Name of The Game

Event Guru Software is the one-stop shop solution for venues and campuses needing one platform to seamlessly manage all their resources. What does this mean? It means that you bring together a solution that allows event planners to clearly see the schedule of available dates, spaces, housing, and catering options together to get the most out of your valuable assets.

Our scheduling solution prevents double-bookings and allows for you to keep an organize schedule so that you don't overload your event operations and staff. Knowing where a particular event is within the lifecycle is critical for any business.  That is why we have intuitive features like color coding for the event status to distinguish when one event is finished and another event is just getting started.

Research shows many venues, big and small, are outgrowing their systems and like a quilt using a patchwork of antiquated, disconnected tools creating a breakdown at every level in the business.  Event Guru Software has the ability to scale up with your business or department.  For example, unlimited user seats allows for you to give access to everyone from the chef to housekeeping to security and senior level managers.  User access levels control what a person can see or do in the system based on their role and responsibilities.  

Workflows & Consistency

From inquiry to invoice, an integrated workflow brings together the ability to do more in one place - saving time and energy that you can put back into making an incredible event happen! The integrated workflow means that you can do it all in one centralized application. The user-friendly interface and layout increases buy-in from team members at all levels.  Planners will love how easy and straight forward the design is when they begin to plan.

Data is important for you and the planner to share and our system allows for easy form creation and client data sharing so that everyone can do their jobs more efficiently. Our new customer portal allows you to manage online room reservations and payments seamlessly.

Finally, stop paying for a room diagramming software right now!  Our built-in room diagraming system creates the opportunity to design customized floor plans that marries design with functionality. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then having a simple tool to create customize floor plans is priceless. This included tool allows a user to either design layout from scratch using drag and drop or choose from a previous design saving you loads of time. This tool will improve communication and collaboration between clients and staff by eliminating missing anything.

Brand Loyalty & Experience

Communication with customers is critical and using Event Guru Software to send client's clear, accurate invoices and event summaries adds a level of professionalism and builds trust very quickly. Internal communication with your staff is just as important, so having dynamic reports where you can identify clients with outstanding invoices or keeping track revenue keeps you in control of your business.  Our standard reports include revenue by event, catering, dining, housekeeping, and occupancy to name a few.

Just like you, we are looking for trusted partners and we have found one! With Microsoft Azure's platform, our cloud-based system brings the power for event lifecycle management to you anywhere, anytime. The platform is secure and keeps private data, private. Enjoy 99.95% uptime while you convert new business and keep existing business happy.

By switching to Event Guru Software, you are investing in your future.  As the meetings industry changes, having a system that can adapt to these changes will ensure you are ready to take on any challenges.  With our dedicated support and management team sharing over 40 years of experience in the events market, you can count on us to give you 110% on this journey.  Event Guru Software is looking out for your best interest and working hard every single day to help you achieve success.  

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