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Registration Guru Software is a time-saving and scalable event registration application designed to manage the entire registration process.  Taking care of all the details from building beautiful websites to collecting attendee information is all here in this one system.  You can deliver a polished and professional event registration site that is easy to set up, using templates, and save time - providing a good first impression for attendees.

Creating different rates is a snap and gives attendees more options when registering for the event.  Want to encourage people to register early?  Set a special reduced early bird rate for the first 3 weeks of the registration period and watch your attendance numbers skyrocket.  Have a VIP group that receives a special discount?  Add in a promo code that reduces the attendee fee by a set percentage or dollar amount when they are checking out.  Have a theater with assigned seating?  Use the seating chart wizard and allow customers to pick their seats.  All the scenarios are covered in Registration Guru Software.  

Event Registration Software

All the bells and whistles you need in a registration tool without it costing a small fortune!


Centralized Registration Management

Registration Guru Software is an application designed to manage the entire event registration process. With unlimited events and user seats the system grows with your team and planners making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to creating a new site.  Custom reports means live information can be shared with key stakeholders you are working with keeping everyone in the loop.

Flexible & Powerful

When you need an event registration solution that allows for matching your client's brand colors, fonts, and logos, our solution is the best choice. We have created different tabs to show details about the event's location and agenda so the attendee can gather all the necessary details.  No matter if you are hosting a complex multi day, multi track conference, a single day virtual meeting, or a theater production requiring tickets, we got you covered.

Built For The Future

We know that your events are continually evolving which is why we have built a system that you can use today, tomorrow and next year! Zoom interface, QR codes to track attendance, customer booking confirmations, promotional codes for special rate, smart forms to capture key information and many more features are built into our system.

How We Make Your Event Successful Proof Is In The Data


Bowling Green State University Saves Time & Money With Event Registration Software

BGSU Case Study

Problem: Bowling Green State University Conference & Event Services department has a renowned reputation in the event’s industry as a caring campus that always goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. It was no surprise that when staff discovered their customers were struggling to complete the registration process with their current registration software, they decided to find a better solution to make the process easier.

Ease of Use For Your Registration Needs

Expand on the importance of customer service and registration flow.

Solution 1:  Registration Guru Software’s clean design provides a feature-rich interface making sure customers are getting a great first impression about the upcoming event.

Solution 2:  Capturing all the key information is vital at this early stage which is why having the option to create different fields like free text, drop downs, and pick lists to get all the details becomes a must have.

Result: After switching over to Registration Guru Software, Bowling Green State University has reduced their help desk calls by 100% for their Elder College program thanks to the product’s easy to use interface. Not only are the customers happier, now they can successfully register, change, or add to their registration, without getting lost, but staff can now focus their energies on checking off more items on their ever growing to do list.


“Registration Guru Software’s appearance is far superior compared to other systems I’ve used in the past and this makes the entire process for registrants much easier to navigate saving me time from having to trouble shoot. The overall design reminds me of other popular websites making the process less intimidating especially for our non-tech savvy customers.”

Teri Gentry, Conference & Event Services Administration

Bowling Green State University

Event Registration Software For Your Best Event Experience.

Event Registration Software Solution Details

Event Registration Guru is a time-saving and scalable event registration application designed to manage the entire registration process. We take care of the details from building websites to collecting information for attendees.  You are able to resent a polished and professional event registration site that is easy to set up, using templates, and save time - providing a good first impression for attendees.

  • Match your brand with easily updatable content and image options.
  • Different tabs will show details for the event and an event agenda can be loaded for attendees.
  • Complex multi day or multi track events can be set up and managed with our system.

When registering for an event each attendee will receive an automated confirmation message that is personalized with their own information.  Conditional logic for each event means that the registration details will be shown based on the items that they need to share for the event. For instance, if a meal is being served the form might ask for dietary options from a drop down list.  Here are some other available features sure to make your next event a success:

  • Secure Credit Card Transactions using Authorize.Net, Transact Campus, TouchNet, PayPal, or go with our hosted option.
  • Forms with logic built-in showing only the most relevant information when it is needed.
  • Create Badges using AVERY templates to use for name tags, meal tickets, or other printed passes.
  • Build seating charts for managing seating assignments in a theater or other location with fixed seats
  • Dynamic reporting tools using drag and drop features help when you need to crunch data and identify trends.
  • Select from a pre-designed template saving the user from having to build a new site from the ground up. 

Powerful Event Registration Software

Discount codes can be used for events - special rate or public events. This expands the ability for you to provide different pricing levels for your event or special registration designations for an association or group.

We are set up to collect shirt sizes and swag details that attendees may be receiving.

Groups or multi registrations mean that attendees can sign back in. As a planner, you receive a customer confirmation when someone books or registers. For ticketed events, registrations will receive a QR code for the event allowing fast and safe entry for events.

As a planner you want to ensure that attendees have selected all options and you are able to easily see who has not picked options - an email can be sent to those and invite them to complete the process. 

You have ability to create custom name badges or template name badges for attendees.

Reoccuring Event Planning & Registration

Save time if you have monthly or annual events by setting up an event template you can pull from anytime you have a similar event happening. For instance, you might decide to create a template for just internal events and a second template for external customers.  Each template will have the key sections activated so all you need to do is set it and forget it.  

We have an interface with the popular Zoom virtual meeting application for when you have a virtual conference or a hybrid event.  You simply use your existing account and share a unique code with the attendee so they can securely access the meeting.

And finally, reports can be created based on drag and drop functionality, giving you the ability to easily report how many registrations have occurred and slice and dice the data in many ways to optimize your event revenue.

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