Event Venues Love Our Venue Management Software

Planning, organizing, and implementing events used to take an extraordinary amount of time and effort — and for many event planners, it still does. Backend staff typically deals with mountains of details such as coordinating with catering companies concerning food and beverages, scheduling and booking accommodations, and communicating with potential and confirmed attendees. Juggling this level of particulars often results in inadvertent human errors, and even a small mishap has the potential to create a domino effect with the power to derail what could have been a successful event. Fortunately, state-of-the-art event management software can streamline the process by seamlessly handling the details. Here's why event venues love our venue management tools.

We Provide a Centralized Application

Our centralized application means that everyone involved in planning and organizing any given event is able to participate on the same planning platform. User access controls allow you to customize the level of participation among different people or groups of people depending on their roles in the process, while high-level planners have access to the entire big picture. This approach creates an integrated, real-time workflow that optimizes efficiency, enhances collaboration among those involved, and minimizes accidental snags and glitches such as double-booking and mistakes in seating arrangements.

During the initial planning stage of an event, you'll be able to see in an instant what specific venues, catering options, and potential accommodations are available. Intuitive features such as color-coding to indicate where individual events are at in their lifecycles make juggling multiple events more manageable. Our software is also scalable, allowing you to plan large events as easily as their smaller counterparts.

We Provide a Streamlined Experience for Guests

As you probably already know, even minor mishaps during the registration process have the potential to wreak havoc in the check-in line. No one likes to be forced to stand and wait because those in front of them in line forgot or lost their tickets, and a bad experience before the event has even really gotten underway can leave an overall bad impression that's difficult to shake. By sending out digital tickets the day prior to the event that can be accessed via smartphones, our university conference software virtually eliminates lost tickets. You can also use this to determine food and beverage preferences among attendees so that you can provide memorable dining experiences, and you'll be able to schedule meeting rooms and accommodations with more accuracy.

We Provide Access to Real-Time Data

Having real-time data analysis at your fingertips provides an invaluable tool for planning, coordinating, and organizing future events. Pulling up data reports instantly lets you cross-compare events and see what worked and what didn't for each one. You'll be able to gain substantial insights into which event times and dates were most popular with attendees, what percentage of attendees upgraded their tickets, and how likely they would be to attend the event in the future or recommend it to colleagues.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how our university event management software can help minimize tedious backend tasks while providing guests with an even better experience.

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