Sustainability in Event Planning 

The event industry is one that can be costly when it comes to the use of materials whether this has to do with catering costs, venue costs, badges for attendees, as well as other add ons. It can be easy to view this as being costly financially, but this is a double-edged sword and can be costly for the environment as well. In recent years, the Green Revolution has become a huge focus for today’s population. The Green Revolution refers to a movement that strives to help cut down on carbon emissions, cut down on overall waste, as well as help to better the planet’s health. As the world is becoming more aware of the climate crisis, people are working on making overall better choices when it comes to the products they are purchasing, how they are using materials, as well as what their carbon footprint might look like. This is becoming more common both in personal areas, but also in business. 

The event industry is keeping up with the times and many event planners are working on making choices that are beneficial to the environment. There are several ways to do this when planning an event. Examples include offering vegan and vegetarian options and looking for a catering company that offers green catering. Green catering refers to a company that is conscious of the products they are ordering and the potential carbon footprint. This means that they will be looking for locally sourced products, ways to cut down on plastic packaging, as well as other factors that can be altered to make the process as ecofriendly as possible. Other ecofriendly practices include using reuseable decorations and digital event materials rather than paper materials to help cut down on waste. 

Another way to help cut down on potential negative impacts to the environment is through venue choice. Many venues are working towards developing energy efficient set ups. This is a conversation that may be worth having if this is a topic that is important to you or your client. Many venues are also switching to ecofriendly lighting. These are all questions that can be asked in the beginning stages of planning an event, as venue selection alone can help to tremendously cut down on carbon emissions. 

With the climate crisis at the forefront of today’s world, it is important to remember that each decision made can have an impact on the planet. It is great to see people and businesses work towards developing practices that are beneficial to the environment. This can be done in the event industry by starting conversations with catering companies, various venues, as well as looking at different ways to reduce waste produced. It is still possible to create an exciting and extravagant event without creating a significant amount of waste.