The Future of Events and Conferences

While US companies slowly start to bring their workforce back to the office, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Meeting halls and venues are ready to accommodate these business events safely and follow CDC guidelines. However, it can be a difficult task with information changing daily. Keeping event staff and guests safe requires technological adaptation and organization. Event Guru is dedicated to aiding venues and conference professionals in this new age of safe, event planning with COVID-19 event compliance. Below are some of the ways in which our software has adapted to helping companies comply with CDC guidelines and promote safe event practices.


Note Keeping 


– The attendee listing and registration application helps keep vital records of all individuals attending your conference or event. In the event that a guest is diagnosed with COVID-19 after your event, you may notify other individuals of a possible exposure and the steps they should take to prevent a further spread.


– Our free text notes fields gives users the ability to log any issues experienced during the event by either staff or guests. Managers will be able to review these notes and take the necessary steps to prevent problems with future events.



Social Distancing 


– Our built-in, drag and drop room diagramming tool gives users the capability to visualize their conference layout and keep in compliance with the latest CDC guidelines. All tables, chairs and necessary spacing can be viewed within the diagramming tool, so you and your staff will know the necessary precautions have been met.


With changes in regulations regarding small gatherings’ capacity, it is more important than ever to find a venue that fits your event. You may now log a new capacity of a space with a simple adjustment in our system so you can quickly and reliably identify the appropriate space for different events.


Contracts and Insurance 


– Through our contract building tool, you can add in revised terms and conditions into an existing rental agreement to limit your losses in the unfortunate event of a cancellation. While some cancellations will be unavoidable during the pandemic, it is important to cover


As always, we recommend monitoring the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website where valuable information is always available and free to anyone. The COVID-19 event compliance page provides you with more considerations when you are managing events and other gatherings that is worth the time checking out to assist in your planning and making sure your customers and staff are safe. To learn more about proven strategies, contact Event Guru Software today and see how our software can help your venue bypass roadblocks you might encounter along the way.