The Secret to Planning Successful Meetings

Event planners bend over backwards for their clients turning over every stone to find the best venue or space for the occasion, identifying reputable caterers for meals, as well as keeping everyone in the loop.  Scheduling site visits and good old-fashioned research like checking references is the go-to strategy when trying to match groups with the right meeting location.   

At the same time, event venue managers are constantly working to attract groups that fit their customer profile.  Not every group that submits an inquiry will be a good match, which is why qualifying early in the sales process is a step you can’t ignore.  Knowing who is an ideal customer is worth the time identifying for a venue.  Done correctly, a useful profile will act as a guide for your marketing and advertising to reach the right customers. 

What tends to get overlooked is the importance of intuitive, event management software designed to record event details, streamline scheduling, and automate attendee registrations.  This type of system provides all parties with the information they need to make informed business decisions that ultimately reduce costly mistakes and avoid last minute surprises.  Studies show that without the right software in place you run a higher risk of encountering problems that will directly impact the attendee experience.   
Event Guru Software and Registration Guru Software have solved this issue for both venues and planners. This software duo can handle the entire process from start to finish. A comprehensive venue management solution, it schedules spaces, catering, housing, and other event related information.  With changes recorded in real time, you won’t have to worry about staff falling behind.  Building proposals, contracts, and event summaries are available at the press of a button as well as processing online payments.  Our new interface with DocuSign makes tracking eSignatures simple and secure.  Creating branded websites where attendees can go to register and pay is just a few clicks away.  Everything can be done in one system so the venue staff can maintain a high-level of efficiency and the meeting planner can stay focused on priorities like delivering a flawless program. 

If you are in the meetings industry and want to get a leg up on your competition or just provide better customer service, reach out to Event Guru Software and Registration Guru Software where successful events are made.  Learn more at