Debunking The Top 4 Excuses To Not Make A Switch To A New Software Solution

In your ongoing effort to improve your business and customer experience it is inevitable that you will come across naysayers when you start to look into adding a new software system.  As we indicated in our last post having a cross-functional team is an important early step in the process because it takes into account a variety of viewpoints and operational needs.  We also find it helps with building up support for this type of project.  However, trying to appease a formal or informal committee can be very challenging since humans are preprogrammed to find comfort and security with a familiar working structure.  Any “threat” or proposed change to their current work environment can create push back, delay your progress, or, even worse, sabotage your plans. Knowing this we’ve collected the most common road block excuses you will encounter as you move to build a coalition of change at your venue.  We have also provided the best ways to handle each excuse so you have a response you can use in the event you come across these situations.

  1. “This is how we’ve always done it” – Just because your office hasn’t made any changes in a long time doesn’t mean you should continue to keep things status quo.  The old adage you don’t know what you don’t know seems appropriate and may be a good one to use when you get this excuse. We can appreciate the successes of the past, but don’t let them keep you from reaching your future potential.
  2. “There is too much red tape”–  I find larger organizations or institutions can be very bureaucratic and tends to require following certain established rules.  However, by doing some legwork and getting buy in from key players at your venue you can avoid any delays that maybe caused by red, green, purple, yellow or blue tape for that matter.
  3. “We are doing fine with what we are currently using” – I will admit that this statement does have some merit, but it doesn’t take into account how much better things could be by implementing a new software system. Change is scary and many people will sacrifice progress for complacency. As your competitors continue to steal your business and clients, it’s no time to become complacent.  Consider doing an internal assessment and see where you could be managing things more efficiently.  Once you nail down specific things in your business that need some attention you will have a much better sense of what needs to be changed.
  4. “We don’t have the resources to make the switch” – With cut backs and what upper-management like to call lean working strategies these days, the resources of yesterday have either dried up or moved onto greener pastures.  You may no longer have a team of IT experts at your beck and call to assist with implementing a new system.  Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements and the cloud this is no longer a prerequisite.  Most SAAS systems are set up for rapid deployment and since they are stored off site the resources that used to be needed to back up the system or provide support are no longer necessary.  You may not have the resources you once did, but that is no longer an issue as companies like Event Guru Software have been able to adapt to the changing working landscape by providing a cloud based product that is budget friendly.