Touchnet Partnership

Event Guru Software and Registration Guru Software provide attendees as well as clients a convenient way to process payments online. Thanks to our partnership with Touchnet, this step is even easier and more secure. TouchNet facilitates connections that help ensure secure payments and reduce the scope of PCI compliance activities for more than 1,000 higher ed institutions. Through the TouchNet Partners Network, universities and colleges can easily connect with a wide variety of vendors that assist in expanding student services while consolidating administrative management within TouchNet solutions.  TouchNet Ready Partners like Event Guru Software and Registration Guru Software are either validated to accept payments through the U.Commerce payment software suite or integrated with our OneCard credential system. With any TouchNet Ready Partner, universities and colleges can easily connect services to provide a smooth experience for students and administrators, ensure PCI compliance and security, and improve transaction reconciliation.

Having the TouchNet Ready certification, it provides a level of security you will not find anywhere else.  With this interface, the transaction is seamless and money is deposited directly into your business account improving cash flow and guaranteeing accounting accuracy.  If you are interested in choosing an event and registration management software that possesses many useful features that save time and money, explore event guru software and registration guru software today!