Why Does Your Event Venue Need Event Registration Software?  

Why Does Your Event Venue Need Event Registration Software?

Now that live events are moving from virtual spaces back to their brick-and-mortar counterparts, venue operators are revisiting their event registration tools and looking for 21st century solutions. As you probably already know, old-school registration processes are cumbersome, prone to glitches and have the potential to severely disrupt the check-in flow — and because just one tiny hiccup during registration can have a domino effect that casts a dark pall over the big picture, check-in problems often set the stage for an overall unsatisfactory experience among attendees.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way — modern solutions exist designed to keep things flowing by circumventing the typical problems while they're in the emerging stage as well as prevent them from happening at all. Following are several ways that using registration software for events can streamline things for everyone involved, including attendees, caterers, and backend staff.

You'll Have a Concise List of Attendees

Knowing exactly how many people will be in attendance makes it far easier to organize seating arrangements, order complementary gift bags, and coordinate with food and beverage staff. This gives you room to either allow for a certain number of last-minute gate crashers or choose to disallow them altogether. Whether you decide to allow unregistered walk-ins or not, including your policy in your digital materials to minimize confusion. Having an accurate head count also helps event organizers adhere to local fire code regulations.

You'll Minimize Lost Ticket Mishaps

Few things have the power to hold up a registration line more thoroughly than an attendee who's lost his or her ticket — and lines where at least one person is unable to locate their tickets are exceedingly rare. Even though e-tickets are issued more often than not, these often become buried in inboxes and even inadvertently deleted, and the farther in advance you sell tickets to the event, the more likely this scenario is to occur. State-of-the-art conference registration software will generate an automatic email to registered participants the day before the event and include a digital ticket that can be accessed directly through the attendee's mobile device and doesn't need to be printed out. People might lose or forget tickets, but hardly anyone leaves home without their smartphone these days.

You'll Have a Better Game Plan for Your Next Event

Event registration software provides a comprehensive look in the rear-view mirror that will let you plan your next event with a greater degree of knowledge and accuracy. You'll be able to easily pull up data that gives a clear picture of how many tickets were sold, which discount codes, if applicable, were used, the percentage of upsales, and the overall financial success of the event. This allows you to see at a glance what worked, what didn't work, and what can be tweaked, enhanced, downplayed, or completely eliminated for the next event. This information is provided automatically with no complex interactions on your part.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how our event registration platform minimizes registration and check-in mishaps and helps you shape the success of future events.