3 Ways To Streamline Your Event Planning

Event planning is both science and art. It takes careful consideration to make sure the thousands of details are done correctly at every stage from planning to execution to assessment.

At the same time you’re planning various event details, you also need to consider the aesthetics of the event – what you want to accomplish, who the audience is and the speakers, décor and event flow that will take attendees on a journey.

Whether you’re event planners are part of a museum, conference venue site, university or nonprofit organization, you need the right strategies to plan excellent events. At the end of the day, you want your events to delight, inspire, educate or entertain.

No matter what the goal, given the complexities of event planning, it’s important to have ways to streamline and simplify. Here are three ways an event planner can streamline their event planning process.

Plan with a Purpose

Event planning ideas need to be rooted in a larger context. Each event should have a distinct purpose, a clear goal. Is it part of a fundraising campaign or a way to generate revenue? Is it a way to educate or entertain an audience? Is it part of a series or a standalone?

Starting with the purpose lets you think about the key stages of your event. What are the messages you need to convey in your promotional copy and website? What takeaways do you want the audience to leave with (both intellectually and physically)? How will you measure success?

Answering these many questions early on in the planning process helps you to be clear with colleagues, volunteers and vendors about where you’re going with the event. It can make the planning much clearer.

Communicate with Intent

Event planning and event communication has never been more complex. There is so much competition messaging out there that people need a clear reason for choosing your event over others. In addition, the need for health information is essential. You need to communicate guidelines for attendees and how your event will keep people safe.

Communicating effectively and in the right cadence will make sure your event flows properly.

Use Event Registration Software

Give your attendees an effortless registration process by using an event registration platform. Online event registration makes it simple for your attendees to register quickly and securely.

An online event registration software solution lets you manage all the key details of your event in one centralized location. Track who has registered, their contact information and other customizable details, such as dietary preferences or ticket types. Use reporting tools to generate registration lists and email lists.

Event registration software helps to save time and money for your event planning group. You’ll be able to access information in real time. You will eliminate manual processes required to enter registrant details and reduce the errors that can come from those tasks.

A registration tool for events also helps you to meet your stated goals. Use the event registration platforms to convey important messages in your automated follow-up emails or reminders sent to registrants before the event. Event registration tools are also linked to secure payment systems, allowing you to ask for donations if applicable and help meet financial event goals.

With careful planning, communication and event registration tools, your events will come together faster and run smoothly.

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