Importance of a Strong Event Registration Software Solution For Event Venues

When planning events of any size, using an event registration platform has decided advantages. Whether you’re part of a university, museum or conference venue staff, using event registration tools helps to bring order, reporting, accuracy and tracking into your event planning processes.

Here are 9 reasons why using registration software for events makes sense.

1. Improve the Participant Experience

Event registration software makes it easy for your attendees. They can go to your website and enter a few fields (name, address, guests, email and phone, payment information) and be registered in a few minutes. Guests can register no matter where they are, what device they’re using and what time of day they choose to register.

There’s no need to print out and mail a paper registration form, write a check and get something into the mail. Instead, they can be immediately notified that they’re registered.

2. Customize Your Event Needs

Event management systems allow for customization to capture and track the essential information you need. Event registration systems can manage details such as who is a primary registrant and who are guests, ages, ticket types, dietary needs and other details that you may want to have. Collect all the needed information at the start of the process and improve the efficiency of event planning.

3. Automate Emails

Event and conference registration software allows you to customize the emails registrants receive when they sign up. This tool lets you provide details about your event, including parking, directions, health protocols and online links to the event or related information.

4. Maintain Organization

With an event registration system in place, you can easily manage details about your event from the back end.  Your system will centralize data management, allowing you to track and manage all the important details in one platform.

Use the event registration system to create and distribute attendee lists, add information back into your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, create seating charts and keep details organized at all times.

5. Keep Payment Processing Secure

Event registration systems integrate with payment processing systems, providing an easy way to ensure that payments are managed securely, reconciled and deposited quickly and accurately.

6. Save Time and Money

An online event or conference registration system saves time and money for your venue staff. You’ll eliminate the timely manual processes around entering paper forms into a spreadsheet and let you focus on the details of your event that matter most. In addition, you’ll reduce the risk of errors due to manual entry that can occur with paper registration systems.

7. Gain Insights about Your Audience

By tracking all of your events using an event registration management system, you can gain valuable insights about your audience. Collecting and analyzing information can help you understand who is responding to your messages, who is attending your events and where you can focus additional marketing budget.

8. Go Green with Marketing

Using an event registration system helps you reduce your marketing costs and promote a greener environmental impact. You can lower your costs by printing fewer paper invitations and shift to a mostly or all-digital format.

9. Access Information in Real Time

When you need to know attendee numbers, if a VIP has registered or other details about your event, you can use your event registration system to immediately pull up reports or event details.

An event registration system can help your venue save time and money while creating a better experience for your guests. Contact us to learn more about our event registration software solution.