Scalable & Affordable Event Management Software

If you host frequent small to medium-sized conferences, you know how challenging it can be to respond quickly to inquiries, get attendees registered and communicate all the details of the event to them. This is especially true if your guests come from different parts of the country and the world, with different time zones. Event Guru event management software can help make hosting these events much easier as well as improve your guest communication and your guest experience without adding staff.

How venue management software works

Event Guru software is a cloud-based product that gives you a single dashboard from which to manage all of your event functions, from handling prospective guest inquiries to guest registration and welcome communications. Our software allows you to accurately capture all the information you need about a guest from the first time they interact with your company or organization. You can customize the form, so you only get the information you need.

Our product allows you to qualify new prospects and find out what information they need from you, helping your sales team be more efficient and productive. There's even a customer portal where confirmed guests can sign their event agreement and securely pay their deposit.

However, we want you to be confident that our product will work for you and your event before you commit. That's why we offer a free demo and a demo video to familiarize yourself with the product before you commit.

Benefits of using venue management software

Venue management tools like our event management software offer a number of benefits. This product is especially well-suited to universities and colleges. A few of the key advantages include...

Quick and easy to use. Our software product is designed for small to medium-sized events. It's easy to use and it's not so cumbersome that you need designated staff just to run it.

Affordability. We created this product with the budgets of universities and small businesses in mind. We don't think you need to spend a fortune to have a good university event management software product.

Scalable. This university conference software allows you to easily add new event spaces, lodging options and/or transportation, even after the registration has already begun. If you're currently using multiple products to manage your events, Event Guru and Registration Guru will save you time and energy.

Customizable. We've built in a workflow dashboard to make it easy to customize your event, by doing things like setting up pre-defined rules to prevent overbooking, posting alerts about catering needs and diagramming rooms. Our products allow you to work smarter in one central place.

Versatility. Event Guru software is designed by industry experts. It can manage meeting spaces, dining rooms, caterers, bedrooms, diagrams and attendees, all from one program.

To learn more about how our venue management software products can streamline your event registration and communications, visit and sign up for a free demo, or contact us directly at (insert contact info).